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Excess Proceeds

Excess Proceeds is the result from the foreclosure of a mortgage or Deed of Trust on a property sold at a Trustee Sale for more than the amount owed the lender.  Once the sale is completed and all pending debts listed at the time of sale have been satisfied, the Trustee then sends the remaining balance to the Treasurer’s Office for deposit.

The report generated below lists excess proceeds currently held by the Pinal County Treasurer. On release of the proceeds, the County Treasurer may assess and deduct from the proceeds a reasonable fee of $100.00 for the Treasurer’s costs associated with the civil action pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute § 33-812 & (J).

Questions regarding application for release of excess proceeds should be directed to the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court. A link for the Application for Release of Excess Proceeds of Sale by Owner is provided for your convenience. Additional information regarding the listed civil actions may be accessed via the Supreme Court Case Search.

Excess proceeds deposited with the County Treasurer pursuant to subsection C of 33-812 are presumed abandoned if the monies remain with the Treasurer for at least two years from the date of deposit and there is no pending application for distribution. A letter is generated to the last known address by our office and the proceeds forwarded to the State of Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Department. For more information call 602-364-0380, or toll-free at 1-877-492-9957.

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