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Tax Lien Sale


The Online Tax Lien Sale will be open to the public each year in February for purchase of tax lien certificates. The site will close in January in preparation for the tax sale.

A list of properties with prior year’s delinquent taxes will be published in the newspaper of general circulation for Pinal County.

The Online Tax Lien Sale will be open approximately two weeks prior to the sale, for parcel viewing, new bidder registration, and bidding.

Bidders must be registered and have their initial deposit submitted via Wire or ACH though the Real Auction web site one day prior to the sale in order to participate. Please refer to bidding rules for deposit instructions. No deposits will be accepted at the Treasurer’s office. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

The Treasurer does not make any guarantees that a purchaser will make money on a purchase and should be aware of the fact that the property owner has a right to redeem the tax lien AT ANY TIME.

Delinquent parcel information is also available online via the links below.

The County held certificates not sold at auction will be available for purchase online approximately the first week of March through the end of December.

Click on the links provided below for additional information.

Download a list of tax liens available for purchase:
*Please be patient as this report may take a few minutes to generate.*

Pinal County makes no representation or warranty that a property is usable or marketable. Be sure to investigate and inspect all parcels thoroughly before making a bid on any tax lien.

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